Yoga & Hot Yoga

Yoga is an excellent complement or sole fitness routine for both the mind and body.

We intensify the experience with hot yoga, also known as Bikram, following a series of coordinated movements that flow and flex the body and mind in a warm room between 35 to 42 degrees Celsius. Yoga can help us to stay in the moment, reconnect with our bodies, and build flexibility and strength, while hot yoga also helps to detoxify through perspiration while teaching us to focus on the breath.Our Hot Yoga is offered in a variety of different styles including Vinyasa (flowing poses), Early Morning (wake up and energize), Gentle (easy and modified for all learners), Flow and Restore (detoxify), Ying Yang (work and release), and a meditation class that focuses on visualization.

Our instructors can guide you through a variety of different yoga practices for all different levels, so don’t be afraid to come and try it!