Kids Program

Cedar Springs Health, Racquet and Sports Club is a family-oriented business that prides itself on offering something for every age and every interest.

Looking for fun for the kids while you’re at work?  Click here for our sports camps!

Kids ProgramsThat’s why we have some of the greatest kids programming, ensuring that the fun doesn’t stop while adults sneak in a workout, or to come enjoy the club as a family.

Being active is not only the best way to start forming healthy habits in the early years but also so much more fun when we involve play. Our Kids Fitness Programs are interactive programs that allow our kids to work on their mindfulness, their strength, stamina, flexibility and overall physicality while having fun! We offer Kids Yoga, Swimming, Karate, Soccer, Floor Hockey and much more! Come join us for a healthy dose of Play, Fun and Exercise!  Whether you want to visit the courts, splash in the pools, or have a safe space for children during summer breaks and PD days, your kids will come home happy, fit, and full of adventure.

Updated January 2024.  Download schedule below.

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